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It is possible to have assemble the video doorphone.
But only in the regio South Holland

Also Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht area.

To be able to make a reasonable price estimate for you in advance, we need more information.

  • What is your place of residence.
  • Is it a replacement for a current intercom.
  • Is there already a power source nearby.
  • At with height does the bell/intercom now hang measured.
  • Does the current wiring consist of at least four cores and can be used.
  • What length of wire is approximately needed from the outsite unit to the intercom.

  • It is also very useful if you can provide us with some photo's of the situation.

  • Photo view of the outside door..
  • Photo powerpoint (cupboard).
  • Photo indoor station or location where you want the new (video) intercom

  • We do not charge any costs for calculating and contributing to this.
    Also we can come on location for a look, but have to be done in advance above answers.

    If you have any questions, you can always call us on 079-4444004 or 06-20620420
    Partly because we are not always in the store during the day.
    It is possible to call us until 21:00H in the evening.

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